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[Value Hypothesis]



Value Hypothesis

Industry | Role

IT,  Microsoft Partner

Critical Business Issue

Decrease in Microsoft Azure and M365 Skills, resulting in lost revenue opportunity


  • Online training methodologies are not effective

  • Little engagement, with >90% drop out rates

  • Complex and difficult to use


The partner needed to upskill their ethical skill in Azure and M365, with the minimum amount of impact to the business. They could not afford for their high cost workforce to be out of the office training during office hours. Any investment needed to have a positive ROI and help them grow their business.


The Virtual-Instructor-led-Training (VILT model) proved to be highly successful, with less than a 10% drop out rate.  Partners gained Microsoft competency and were able to utilize their newly acquired Azure and M365 capabilities.

Value Hypothesis
  • Technical Talent

  • Pre-screening and all admin / reports

  • 90% completion Rate

Value: Capabilities
  • Azure, M365 technical skills

Underling Assumptions
  • Technical pre-requisites

  • High speed internet

  • Flexible working hours

Expected to Change
  • Growth Mindset

  • Ability to work and be self sufficient virtually

  • Ability to work Virtually in Teams

Estimated Impact of Change
  • Larger Azure + M365 opportunities

  • Increase  Skills and IP to your customers

  • Ability to differentiate

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