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[Value Hypothesis]



Value Hypothesis

Industry | Role

IT, Software

Critical Business Issue

Decrease in online technical training success and knowledge transfer + 95% drop-out rate


  • Poor online training methodologies

  • No qualification

  • No commitment


A Partner Development Manager, needed a way to scale Microsoft Azure and M365 capabilities to a large amount of partners . The partners need to remain engaged and connected through out  their learning experience. It was important they work in project teams and complete assignments on time. Aggregation of Microsoft resources that supported the success of the program needed to be utilized.  Monthly reports and delegate / team feedback was required


The success rate and knowledge transfer increased. Drop out rates were reduced to less than 10% and Microsoft Partners achieved new Microsoft Cloud competencies.

Value Hypothesis
  • Technical Talent

  • Pre-screening and all Admin / Reports

  • 90% completion Rate

Value: Capabilities
  • Azure, M365 Technical Skill

Underling Assumptions
  • Technical pre-requisites

  • High speed internet

  • Flexible working hours

Expected to Change
  • Growth Mindset

  • Ability to work and be self sufficient virtually

  • Ability to work Virtually in Teams

Estimated Impact of Change
  • Larger Azure and M365 opportunities

  • Increase Skills and IP to your customers

  • Ability to differentiate

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