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IT Professional

Decision Maker

Reference Story


Partner Business Lead (International Software & Services Business)

Critical Business Issue

Decrease in cloud sales


  • Inability to differentiate

  • No consultative skills

  • Unable to create a vision of how cloud would help solve business problems

  • Ability to think differently


The Business lead needed a way to provide sales and business skills to multiple strategic partners across Africa. They need to be able to have consultative discussion with key customers, to not only understand the business requirement but also positioning the capabilities and industry specific IP that would differentiate them and the supplier. They needed to be trained in multiple location across 3 times zones. There need to be a high decree of success and adoption of this programme.


LGIT provided these capabilities which increased Cloud opportunities. Sales Revenue went up and partners where able to follow and implement best practice sales processes and methodologies within their business. This ensured future success and increased partner satisfaction.


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