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Information Worker

HR / L&D

Reference Story


CTO (Construction company)

Critical Business Issue

Reduce communication and collaboration cost, Decrease in productivity


  • Multiple systems

  • No standard hardware

  • High support  & maintained costs across systems


When the organisation upgraded their communication infrastructure to enable their knowledge workers to work anywhere, & at anytime so that they would be more productive, the CTO needed to provide the business with a way that everyone was trained with a minimal impact to the business.  It was important to ensure that users could communicate and collaborate effectively across the business and with customers. A highly customised and coordinated training plan was needed, plus a core team was needed, on not only how to train the user but to manage and customise this environment as and when the need arises.


LGIT provided these capabilities which increase productivity and ROI. In addition costs were reduced, including a reduction in support and maintenance calls.


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