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  • Exceptional track record: Over 80% no drop-outs

B2B learning solutions

Let us co-create a skills development journey for your business, to increase your productivity and performance. Our learning solutions respond to the changing global environments of work, learning and lifestyle:

  • Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) (live training sessions from anywhere for large groups)

  • Virtual Learner Management (completion rate 80% versus 5% of industry average)

  • Bespoke projects (customised blended courses to address your specific business objectives)

  • Leadership and Personal Development programs (tailored to address specific business needs)

  • Certifications (International certifications for your workforce)

  • Workplace skills (courses designed to help your workforce excel)

  • Onsite solutions (learning delivered at your organisation's premises)

LGIT specialises in Managed Learning Services.


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with yourself and your staff members, this ranges from the administration to Leading Expert Trainers in the fields of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure."

— Microsoft


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