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Know your values

and expand your potential

1 day / 6 hours

Living according to your highest values


leads to inspiration and genius

Course Overview

Values are the philosophical basis for behaviour. When you live according to your highest values, you
become inspired and awaken genius. When you live according to your lower values, you require
continuous external motivation and you sedate your genius. Your present purpose or mission for life
will reflect your present highest values.

Your values arise from what you perceive to be missing most from life. What you perceive as most
missing (void) from life therefore becomes what you perceive as most important (value). Thus, ‘voids
drive values’. This workshop also serves as a meaningful team-building opportunity to discover what
‘makes everyone tick’. It encourages open lines of communication and respect for one another’s unique
set of values. You will leave this workshop feeling more focussed and aligned with your true purpose.

Duration: 6 hours

Demartini Value Determination Process

  In this workshop you will:

• Develop a deeper understanding of values and the theory that ‘voids drive values’
• Be guided by an experienced Demartini MethodTM and Values facilitator as you reflect on your daily
  actions and determine what you value most by answering a set of questions (Demartini Value
  Determination ProcessTM) designed specifically to help you identify your individual hierarchy of values

• Be able to articulate those values clearly by the end of the workshop
• Become aware of the importance of listening to your language and the language of others,
  determining the distinct difference between imperative and indicative language and its effects,
  which will improve your communication skills

Optional ‘Values Applications & Linking Workshop’

Attendance of the ‘Know Your Values’ Workshop is a prerequisite to gain access to the ‘Values
Applications & Linking Workshop’. This workshop addresses how to embrace perceived, undesirable job
roles and responsibilities as well as appreciating how the organisation’s ‘mission and vision’ serves
employees by assisting them in fulfilling their highest values and ultimately maximising job task
engagement across all departments and levels of management.

Duration: 3 hours


In this workshop you will:

• Use your completed Demartini Value Determination ProcessTM document to ‘learn how to link’
• Learn how to link undesirable job roles/responsibilities to your 3 highest intrinsic values as
  determined during the ‘Know Your Values’ Workshop
• Learn how to link your organisation’s mission/vision to your 3 highest intrinsic values
• Leave this workshop feeling more grateful for, and aligned with, your specific role that you fulfil in the organisation.

Demartini Value Determination Process Dr. John F. Demartini © 2009 Property of the

                                              Demartini Institute.

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