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Sales Pitch Master®

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Sales, Marketing, Partners
2 days / 12 hrs classroom
Targeted participants and rationale


Account managers, consultants, etc. – Sales Pitch Master® provides value to anyone in the sales role regardless of their opportunity type or what they are selling. That being said, Sales Pitch Master® was designed to help the sales professional execute the sales steps of an opportunity where uncovering and diagnosing business issues, gaining access to power, demonstrating the value of the offering, managing and negotiating the steps of a complex sale cycle are required.

Course Objectives
  • describe the psychological aspects and phases of how buyers buy

  • recognize the difference between “latent” and “active” opportunities and how each type should be approached from a seller perspective

  • conduct pre-call planning and research prior to engaging in opportunities

  • stimulate interest in prospects

  • leverage past successes to initiate new opportunities

  • demonstrate their credibility with the customer

  • create or reengineer customer buying visions based on the strengths of their offerings

  • gain access to “power” people within an opportunity

  • better control the sell cycle

  • improve their chances of winning competitive opportunities

  • shorten sell cycles

  • negotiate the steps leading to closure of a sell cycle

  • manage their own territory

  • calculate a more accurate pipeline

The World has CHANGED...

77% of customer want the information you share with them to be personalized. 
77 % of customers want to learn something new about challenges / Industry & Microsoft Capability. 
75 % of customer want to understand the Impact of your Capabilities to their Business (LinkedIn).

How have you changed your PITCH?

The old approach to the sales pitch has changed. Learn how to spend more time co-creating with the  customer in the Needs Phase (70% of the time is best spent in the Needs Phase Gartner).

Real Sales impact: Doug Morrison  VOX

  • “Two things happened following the Sales Pitch Master training:

  1. The confidence levels increased in my team after attending the training.

  2. More engagement on Azure opportunities, we closed 3x more opportunities following the training 


  •  I do not want to minimize the second point, overall motivation that it created was remarkable"

Course Topics
Session 1

Right Preparation
Customer Background & Access to Business Decision Makers (BDM)Right amount of planning.

Open the Conversation.
What is the purpose / What is the agenda / What is the business value you bring?

Drive Business Alignment
What are the business challenges / How will we demonstrate knowledge of this business? What are the right business capabilities?

Session 1

Know your Story.
Choose a relevant reference story, illustrating solving similar business and technical Challenges.

Be Relevant
Position value / Know what probing questions to ask / Know how azure helps.

Close the Business Conversation
*NEW Transition to ROI / Business Case / Pricing BOM / Questions / Objection handling. 

What are the next steps to qualification / How do you migrate, innovate, and enable?

Differentiate yourself by becoming Certified as a Sales Pitch Master
  •  Learn to Confidently and clearly articulate your Pitch so that you address your Customers, Business, and IT Challenges.

  •  Create your own opportunities and increate your qualification rate.

  •  Differentiation Microsoft and yourselves and build real trust with your customers.

Simulation - Pitch Master

Preparation and coaching to deliver a pitch using Sales Pitch    Master Canvas Additional resources and access to the expert facilitators

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