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The Value of Money

1 day classroom

Money is an area many people either avoid or no little about. The subject is poorly addressed in primary and secondary education and a person, unless having a solid grounding from their parents enters the world with a poor grasp on how to manage their finances and provide for their future.

This course is designed not to overwhelm the attendees with complex financial accounting terms but rather to connect with them on a practical level they can relate to with simple strategies they can easily implement in order to  create better financial stability in their lives. The course identifies and addresses the common perceptions of money, how these perceptions affect one’s lifestyle and state of mind and then reveals a whole different and refreshing possibility at looking at money.

The teaching style is highly interactive and not lecture style in order to allow each individual to engage and address their own personal challenges and questions.

  • Have a new perspective on money and finance.

  • See the value of putting money aside and and how this will affect their self worth.

  • A practical system they can implement immediately to save money and create stability in their lives making use of their current income.

  • The purpose of creating a budget and how to create their own budget.

  • Understand the basics of a balance sheet and the practical meaning of “Assets”, “Expenses” & “Liabilities

  • Have a much higher engagement to effect a change in the way they are currently managing their finances

Course Topics

Topic 1: What is finance


  • Definition & Explanation

  • Take the money

  • My perception of finance as an entrepreneur

  • The origin of money

  • Books and resources on Finance

Topic 2: How money relates to your growth and well-being


  • Spirituality of money

    • Linking money to spiritual growth and general well-being enhances wealth creation.

    • Is money good or gad or neither or both?

    • Equation to self worth

    • Guilt & Shame around money and how it will keep you from becoming financially wealthy.

  • Why your ability to manage your finance is so important

  • Managing money is managing your life.

Topic 3: Changing the way you see money

  • Managing your finances is a skill you need to learn.

  • Water moves like money

  • Money BUCKET

  • Money Trees - Look to nature for efficiency

Topic 4: Where are you at?


  • Where does the money flow?

  • Creating a budget

    • Pros & cons of a budget

  • Where do you want to be when?

Topic 5: Debt

  • Good and Bad debt

  • How to manage debt

Topic 6: FAST


  • The plan

  • Putting the plan in place

Topic 7: Money Jars

  • The plan

  • Putting the plan in place

Topic 8: Take-Away


  • Review

  • Feedback

  • Last questions

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