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Microsoft Viva Insights

1/2 day classroom

Microsoft Teams helps your team work better together. It’s one app that brings your team’s conversations, meetings, files, and notes into a single place for open and seamless collaboration.


More people than ever feel they lack control over their time at work. Many teams spend 80-90% of their week sitting in meetings, sending emails, and talking on the phone. But 50% of meeting time is seen to be unproductive and almost half of employees report that their work interferes with their family life.

Viva Insights is an extension of your Microsoft 365 client experience that helps you find opportunities to build better habits and get back in control of your time

Business value of Viva Insights
Benefits of Viva Insights
  • Improve work patterns through personal productivity insights - Viva Insights uses everyday data from Microsoft 365 to give you insights into how you spend your time and tips that help you work smarter.

  • Improve your relationships - Increase your collaboration time, improve your team meetings, and grow your network.

  • Get more focus time - Find more time to eliminate distractions, stop multi-tasking, and focus on your core priorities. The right time to focus on Deep Work

  • Improve your work-life balance - Improve your work patterns and reduce the time you spend working for better work-life balance and overall wellbeing.

Course Topics

Introduction to Viva Insights


  • Introducing Microsoft Viva Insights

  • Brake out room: Share your insights

  • Practical application

  • Video: Microsoft Insights (2 min)

  • Insights and feedback

Improve team relationship, communication  and collaboration 


  • People drive Performance

  • How does insight help

  • Poll – how does Praise impact people

  • Practical application – Theory

  • Better Practices you can apply

  • Action required: Assignment 2

  • Insights and feedback

Mindset with Insights


  • Growth Mindset what does it mean and how does it help

  • Brake out room: Work Life Balance

  • Video: Mindset TED Talk

  • Practical application – Theory

  • Action required: Assignment 1

  • Insights and feedback

Drive Performance

  • Performance: what does this mean?

  • What does your schedule look like?

  • Brake out Room: Owls and Swallows

  • Constancy Matters

  • Poll – how does Praise impact people

  • Practical application – Theory

  • Better Practices you can apply

  • Action required: Assignment 3

  • Insights and feedback

Mindfulness and Wellness- You don’t have to be a Monk to Meditate Headspace what is it

  • Let’s Meditation

  • Wellness x3

  • Insights and feedback

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