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With learning and development in the digital world demanding new forms of decision-making and involvement, redefining of accountabilities in society and organisations, and as a consequence the constant learning, unlearning and relearning of everyone. It becomes obvious that meaningful learning and development will be disruptive, uncomfortable and transformative.


Everything required for human growth.         

We fundamentally believe that it is time to – adapt, learn and thrive. And we are bringing you new experimental tools and methods to make this a reality in your sphere of influence.

In the words of the wise Seth Godin

“If you are deliberately trying to create a future that feels safe, you will wilfully ignore the future that is likely. Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed. Our job is to make change, to interact with people in a way that leaves them better than we found them.”

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Business Meeting

Reference story / Case study

Financial Sector


HR & Financial Services

Critical Business Issue

Decreased user adoption to the New Way of Working


  • Lack of EQ and interpersonal skills

  • Communication and Collaboration issues

  • Change in thinking


The HR team wanted to strengthen their businesses overall resilience to the complexities of the present.  It was important to help change working habits that have been ingrained for years. Emotional intelligence growth was key for users to become aware of their impact on others and the personal changes needed to be effective in business.  A key focus areas was for users to gain capabilities that would help them work in teams across multiple environments and tasks.

LGIT provided

LGIT was provided these capabilities resulting in increased productivity, more collaboration and communication within teams.  User adoption also increased around the new way of working


Increased productivity with more collaboration and communication within teams. Increased adoption to new way of working.


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Business Meeting

Reference story / Case study

Information Technology Sector

Industry, Role

IT & HR Director


Missing budget and goals


  • Team misalignment

  • Possible wrong identified leaders / managers

  • No clear leadership capability

  • No clarity on their “Why”


When the HR and FD looked at possible solutions, they needed the following:

  • A large increase in human capital growth.

  • Culture & character of the original team.

  • Create a set of leadership competencies that are easily transferable.

  • Ensure there is a means of measurability in everything developed.

  • Help the team to access their inner knowledge – “Proactive “.

  • Co-create, define & design their own content.

  • Challenge themselves throughout the process.

  • Mint team present a final leadership ”Greenprint”.


The Leadership Blueprint and business strategy that is 100 % aligned. A powerful exercise, worth a 100x return on investment - confirmed by FD.


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