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Time Management

3 days classroom
Basic / Intermediate
Course Overview

The main principles of Time Management are Planning, Checking and Organizing your time ... Learning and making use of these rules will turn one into a person with an active approach to time. Applied correctly, you will be able to easily focus on your work, have your tasks under control, and plan everything in advance. This is even more significant in today’s digital world.

Learning Objectives
  • Have a great idea on how to manage their time, plan in advance and have all their tasks under control.

Course Outline

Have a clear vision

  • What am I actually trying to achieve?

Isolate your backlog – don’t add to it


  • Get A System for Your Backlog

Do one thing at a time


  • Don’t take on too much

Define your limits


  • Limitations actually encourage creativity

Reduced random factors

  • What Stops Us from Completing Our Planned Actions

Commitment v interest


  • Your interest is turned into commitment

Use closed lists


  • A Closed List Is Any List That Has a Line Drawn at The End of It and Can’t Be Added To

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