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Smart Coaching

2 day classroom

Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly necessary in today’s workplace. It is crucial for both personal and professional development. Both coaching and mentoring helps to build a positive and concrete change in an individual’s growth in their career. It is also a critical factor in contributing to retention and utilisation of key human capital talent. This hands-on Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) will look at all aspects of identifying, designing, implementing, and evaluating coaching and mentoring programs in your organization. The practical tools and applications from this VILT will help you navigate through your own coaching and mentoring plans for the future. You will learn to establish a strong mentor-protégé relationship, understand the difference between mentoring and coaching, applying the trainer’s own flagship 4-phase mentoring process before ending the class by designing your own coaching and mentoring plans.


• GAIN best practice guidelines for mentoring
• BUILD the skills and competency of your employees to enhance productivity
• GROW your most talented employees

• DESIGN effective and engaging mentoring and coaching plans

• DEVELOP the coaching and mentoring skills based on your employee’s performance

• MEASURE the effectiveness of your coaching and mentoring programs

• STRENGTHEN the mentor-protégé relationship

• PREPARE your managers and future leaders for the next phase of their careers

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