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Sales Acceleration for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Partners
2 days / 12 hrs classroom
Basic / Intermediate

Preparation – Sales Battlecards

• Plan your Microsoft pitch by using this battlecard and Neuroscience around the buying phases.

Prospect Engagement Guide

• Ask the right questions, and help your prospect see opportunities.
• Messaging and Positioning, Connecting with Buying Persona and make an impact Discovery Meetings
• (Emotional Questioning) & Objection handling (Manage logical and emotional forms of resistance)

Project Discovery Whiteboard
• Plan to lead a strategic business discussion with the project owner & decision makers

Discovery Whiteboard Guide:
• Use Whiteboards effectively in Sales Meetings and project meeting


Discovery Whiteboard Guide:

• Plan for your conversation & frame primary objectives.
• Understand and clarify their perspective on the project.
• Primary risks

Course Overview

In a crowded market, partners are looking for a way to increase sales, differentiate their solutions and services, and earn a
win at the end of the sales engagement. Most enterprise sales engagements include a security component, whether it's 
governing the company's data estate, a secure remote work plan, or threat protection. Microsoft's Zero Trust strategy is 
embedded in its products and services, making it a compelling choice for enterprise customers. This program offers best 
practices and presentation resources that will guide you in shaping a business-first sales model that focuses on the 
Microsoft Azure Data & AI solution area and its core sales plays.

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