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Recruitment and Selection

6 hours
Basic / Intermediate
How You Will Benefit
  • The company will provide a list of the proposed job roles/duties/responsibilities which will be presented to the applicant during the interview

  • Facilitator will demonstrate how to facilitate the completion of the Demartini Values questionnaire to determine the applicant’s 3 highest, intrinsic values

  • Facilitator will then demonstrate how to ask the applicant how each duty in their proposed job description will help them to fulfil their own three highest valuesmission and vision, while observing the speed, ease and quantity of answers the applicant provides.

  • Facilitator will demonstrate how to observe the applicant’s body language (congruency), listen to their tone, inflection and analyze their use of language to ascertain whether there are more imperative or indicative responses to the questions.

  • By following a specific Q & A process, along with the constant monitoring of the responses, the recruiter will be able to gauge the level of congruency very accurately. This process will be role-played during the workshop by all the delegates so that they have an opportunity to practice their skills and receive feedback from the facilitator.

  • Facilitator will also train recruiters to analyze the fluency and congruency factors of the applicants. This will help to determine whether the applicant is seeking long-term employment or may just want to learn what they can from the organization and move on very quickly. This can prevent unnecessary cost and time to the company if the interview and screening process is thorough.

  • Hiring the ‘right’ individuals that most closely match the required job duties/descriptions and who are inspired to be successful in their potential jobs, is essential for a vital business.

Course Overview

During this workshop, emphasis will be placed on checking for the level of congruency between the proposed job 
description, the mission, vision and primary objectives of the company and the highest values and mission of the 

By completing this process thoroughly when interviewing applicants, the recruiters can save the company a lot of 
unnecessary time and cost by screening applicants thoroughly.

The procedure outlined below will be followed to train recruiters how to recruit job applicants (potential 

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