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Managing Performance and Giving Feedback

2 days classroom
Basic / Intermediate
Course Outline

This is a two-part workshop first focusing on why performance and management philosophies matter how and why best practices a part of this and what can we adopt and learn from this. then we apply this against their business strategy which lead to business objectives and then KPIs. We use a simple feedback method to help people understand and have their own insight on where and how they can improve. second part of this workshop is having that discussion around performance in KPIs setting expectation and what makes it great personal development plan that ties back to the company’s business strategy and its objections. We use coaching to uncover and help address any challenges that the team member faces in addressing and achieving their KPIs.

Part One

Why performance management, Feedback, Performance and Operations

  • Why performance Management: What is the Philosophy


  • Better practices / why these matters

  • Difficult conversations

  • Feedback method

  • Application



  • How to set objectives

  • SMART Goals

  • Application and insights

Operations (only if HR system is in place)

  • Online user training

  • Performance management systems

Part Two

Goals setting (individual goals) and Personal Development Plans (PDP)


  • Agreeing individual goals and expectations

  • Great PDP

  • Application



  • Collect, connect, and change.

  • Radical Candor

  • Application

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