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Leading and Managing in a Hybrid World

2 days classroom
Basic / Intermediate
Course Overview

Leading and managing in a hybrid world requires three skill sets. The first being a growth mindset which allows us to have a deep understanding of ourselves and our default business and personal behavior. This allows us to have self-awareness and through these insights, brings a powerful way to lead yourself and your team. The second skill set is focus on people to drive performance as a leader and a manager you must be comfortable with leading the shift required to work in the Hybris world, this includes helping your team find the best way to connect and co create business outcomes. Last skill set to the ability to use coaching as a way to drive engagement and help your business scale the best leaders coach for success and they do this by observed engagements and following a simple framework to ask questions.


This workshop consists of prework and post work assignments:


  • Mindset – Growth

  • Perfect working day (time, boundaries, and preparations)

  • Work modules that provide balance (people, space, and technology)

  • Tools that help.

  • Application



  • Mindset – confident humanity

  • Outcomes not process.

  • Focus on what you can control.

  • Where is your attention

  • Application


  • Mindset – Listen deeply.

  • Collection / Connect / Change

  • Best practice

  • Tools

  • Application

Wellness challenge: an opportunity to integrate the skills that you have just learned

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