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Building Confidence as an Effective 

2 days classroom
Basic / Intermediate
Course Overview

What most people fear, even more than their own death, is speaking in front of other people! Most often, we do not fear the act of public speaking itself; rather, we tend to fear those whom we are addressing (the audience) more because we are concerned about how we will be perceived.

Learning Objectives
  • ​Addressing the delegates’ fears related to speaking in public    or presenting, and training them in various coping mechanisms

  • Addressing all the physical factors involved with the         successful delivery of a talk/presentation such as voice projection, tone, modulation etc.

  • Following various ‘formulae’ for creating the content of a      talk/presentation

  • How to incorporate an element of storytelling in your talk

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Conquer Your Fears of Public Speaking

  • Addressing specific fears related to public speaking

  • Finding solutions

  • Using the Demartini Method to address the fear factor

MODULE 2: Presentation Skills (Delivery)

  • What skills do you expect from an effective public speaker?

  • Coping with nerves

  • Eye contact and control

  • Vocal quality

  • Stance

  • Content

MODULE 3: Creating a Talk/ Presentation


  • Knowing your audience

  • Choosing a topic

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Structure of talk/ presentation

MODULE 4: Successful Storytelling


  • How to captivate your audience

  • Follow the 11 ‘R’ steps of storytelling

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