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Victim or architect of the future?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Part of the ALT (Adapt Learn Thrive) To Reboot Leadership Series

If you have worked with us before, you will know that at LGIT Smart Solutions we make meaning through delivering quality learning experiences that uplift and build profitable businesses and communities. So when South African trend and innovation strategist and Singularity University Faculty Member John Sanei published a book that promised to explain how to innovate your business so as to make a positive impact on millions if not billions of people, we were understandably interested to know more. In “What’s your moonshot”, Sanei throws out a critical challenge to us, and we have used it as a frame for this blog: Are you a victim or an architect of the future?

Moonshot, or 10x thinking, involves setting audacious goals. Moonshots drive the breakthroughs that signal the nascence of new industry leaders, as well as the demise of old industry stalwarts. New 10x thinkers cut down established traditional players through technological breakthroughs but also through business model shifts. In the case of Kodak, their moonshot of digital photography produced a 10x change that resulted in their own economic failure. The good news is that the future need not be a scary story.

As Greg Simpson wrote in a 2016 CIO article:

“This is an exciting era of change. Those who embrace it can enjoy the exhilaration of an innovative startup. Those who don’t may be disrupted by one. It’s easy to be caught up in today’s deliverables and miss sight of tomorrow’s disruptions.”

Our digital world demands new forms of decision-making and involvement. To embrace the change that lies at our feet, we need to build what Sanei calls the ‘victor mindset’. This mindset is distinctly future-focused and carefully looks to unpack and unlock innovation in business. Sanei believes that forward-thinking companies, based on how important it is to anticipate the future, may even start to carve out the role of chief future officer in the organisation. This person will be tasked with tracking trends and identifying how these trends will impact business.

Accountabilities in society and organisations are constantly being re-defined. Stop thinking so small that survival is your only end point, urges Sanei. Instead, ask yourself, what is the biggest, most audacious goal we can imagine? Think big! It is incredibly liberating to think that Moonshots, or pioneering, game-changing missions, are slowly moving beyond the realm and remit of large organisations and nations. Those with individual ambition and determination can also drive them. Meaningful learning and development drives meaningful change. Both are likely to be disruptive and transformative in nature.

LGIT Smart Solutions acknowledges this reality and celebrates it, empowering leaders to be both present and pro-active. We fundamentally believe that the time to adapt, learn and thrive is now, and we bring new and fresh thinking and tools to assist leaders to stand up and impact within their sphere of influence. This is why we launched our ALT to Reboot Leadership Blogging Series.

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